Aid in Dominica

Post Hurricane Maria Relief and Rebuild Organisation



“Drive – Pick up and drop, Pack, Sort, Label, Contact local businesses, Distribute flyers, Take a shift at drop off station”

Volunteers to help Relief mission for Dominica:

If you would like to support with voluntary assistance in any form. Please call 07580 512 409.


Volunteer Roles




1.         Datamining/Webmaster

Collate a list of people and organisations with same mission

List of Drop off points in UK

Add to website


2.         Fundraiser Coordinators

List of all fundraisers

Crowdfunding ideas: Sponsor a village, school, project, supply – show progress

Contact key hardware store in each area to offer a discount on tarpaulin and material


3. ______Volunteers

Sort and pack received donations to send next week


4.         Communication

Corporate Outreach team

Create a fundraising letter we can use across the board

Social Media Campaign and wordings to use


5.         Secretary and Admin

Contact details of all persons going

Templates and Procedures/Project Management material

Answer incoming emails/phone calls

Direct to website information

Liaising between sub committees


Roles to be defined and committed to

Secretary and Admin




Foundraiser Coordinators:


Volunteers (collection points, pick ups, packing and sorting, inventory of donations



Add links, events, organisations, people here and abroad relevant to